As we commemorate World Wetlands Day, join us in a reflective journey through stories that intertwine the essence of wetlands and the vibrant communities that cherish them.

These narratives are not just tales of nature but of collective efforts of communities worldwide in safeguarding these precious ecosystems.

These stories are brought to you by the Climate Tracker Asia fellows, offering unique perspectives and insights into the critical role wetlands play in our global fight against climate change.

  • Land conversion threatens Candaba Swamp, Central Luzon’s ‘flood sponge’

  • How Kashmir’s Residents Are Leading the Fight Against Plastic Pollution in Water Bodies

  • Cebuanos push to save Tañon Strait from microplastics

  • Mangrove restoration should include social aspects, involve community — study

  • Caring for mangroves is just as important as restoring them, experts say

  • Guiuan coastal folks turn to mangroves, seawall for protection

  • In northern Salcedo, restoring mangroves is a community endeavor

  • How an Indigenous campaign is protecting India’s mangroves from vanishing

  • “Only these trees will stop a tsunami”: Can these mangroves protect Pakistan?

  • Locals of Karnataka, India spearhead efforts to save and restore mangroves