Climate Tracker Asia celebrates Women’s Month by spotlighting women leading climate action in the Philippines across activism, government, litigation, and science.

This tribute honors their vital contributions to the movement, showcasing their stories to inspire and emphasize the significance of gender diversity in combating climate change.

These women share their challenges and triumphs, aiming to motivate further participation and leadership in climate action, promoting a more inclusive and impactful environmental response.

  • Climate change hits women-led businesses in Indonesia’s North Sumatra

  • Climate commissioner Rachel Anne Herrera advocates for gender-responsive policies, actions

  • Scientist Laurice Jamero’s work highlights experiences of small island communities

  • Mangrove advocacy 101: Insights from marine scientist Jurgenne Primavera

  • Niner Guiao’s journey to becoming a lawyer for the planet

  • Empowering women in climate leadership: Insights from UNFCCC’s Julie Amoroso-Garbin

  • Climate activist Mitzi Tan fights for people and planet

  • How climate activist Marinel Ubaldo shapes the future with the past

  • Creating a fair, feminist, and fossil-free world with Joy Reyes

  • Scientist Monica Ortiz sheds light on climate crisis’ impacts on Filipina agri workers