Climate Tracker Weekly

The dangers of being a Kashmir journalist with Raqib Naik

In this episode, Climate Tracker Founder Chris Wright talks to Raqib Hameed Naik, a journalist in the Indian Administered Kashmir. He explains the dangers of being a journalist in Kashmir and why he continues to put his life at risk to be able to tell the story of his people.

Media censorship in Kazakhstan with Danara Ismetova

In this episode, we head over to Almaty in Kazakhstan to talk to one of our fellows, Danara Ismetova who tells us why self-censorship is rampant in Kazakhstan media.

The importance of community-driven stories in the Philippines with Gaea Cabico

In this episode, we talk to Climate Tracker Fellow, Gaea Cabico. She tells us the importance of climate reporting in the Philippines, a country prone to natural disasters.

Comparing environmental crises in Pakistan and the U.S. with Quratulain Tejani

In this episode, we talk to Quratulain Tejani, a climate journalist from Karachi, Pakistan who is currently in New York studying a masters in Journalism. She shares her journey and what it’s like to compare environmental crises in Pakistan and the United States.

Speaking out against Climate Change in India with Seema Prasad

Growing up in Bangalore, widely regarded as the Silicon Valley of India, Seema Prasad initially wanted to become a software engineer but ended up following the footsteps of her parents who are both journalists. At the age of 19 she was already in her first journalism internship and since then, has studied at the Times School of Journalism in Delhi, and believes that Climate Change has a massive untapped potential in what is the world’s biggest print journalism market.

With over 100,000 newspapers across 21 languages and over 1 billion readers, Seema is passionate and hopeful about the future of climate journalism in India, even in what seems to be a shifting political climate.

Writing about indigenous communities in Thailand with Nanticha Ocharoenchai

In this episode we talk to Lynn Ocharoenchai, a journalist and a youth leader from Thailand. She started her career in journalism at the age of 18, and shared why she believes so strongly that it’s important to highlight indigenous communities in writing great climate stories.

Climate Tracker Specials Asia: Re-Energizing Climate Reporting in the Philippines

Climate Tracker has teamed up with Oxfam Pilipinas to re-energize Climate reporting in the Philippines. We sought eight journalist-editor duos across the country to tell dynamic climate stories.

EP01: The role of religion and the church in fighting climate change

In this episode, Biena Magbitang talks to Joe Torres and Mark Zaludes of LiCAS news on the importance of religion in the climate conversation and the role of the church in our fight against climate change.

EP02: The importance of mentorship for climate journalists

In this episode, we talk to Jonathan de Santos and Gaea Cabico of about their relationship as editor – reporter and why mentorship is important in the journalism world today.

EP03: The challenges of visualizing climate stories

In this episode, we talk about digital and video journalism with Reynald Ramirez and Alfredo Ruzol of ABS-CBN News to tackle the challenges of visualizing and simplifying climate issues.

Note: The speakers in this episode are switching between English and Filipino.

EP04: Why Palawan is struggling with energy security

In this episode, we take you to Palawan a beautiful island in the Philippines but as Joel Contrivida tells us it has been struggling with energy security.

Note: The speakers in this episode are switching between English and Filipino.

EP05: The importance of covering local environmental stores

In this episode, we talk to two journalists in the city of Davao – the largest city in the Philippines and the hometown of its current president, Rodrigo Duterte. Yas Ocampo and Marcos Mordeno of MindaNews talked about why they think writing about the environment is important, especially in a city where all eyes are glued to local politics.

Note: The speakers in this episode are switching between English and Filipino.

Climate Tracker Specials Asia: A Green New Deal

This is part of Climate Tracker’s multi-country Journalism and Media Research Fellowship in Southeast Asia supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. In these episodes, Chris Wright and Mai Hoang talk to researchers and journalists from Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines about green growth in their countries in the time of COVID-19. Check out the full report here.

Climate Tracker Specials: A Green New Deal EP01
Climate Tracker Specials: A Green New Deal EP02
Climate Tracker Specials: A Green New Deal EP03
Climate Tracker Specials: A Green New Deal EP04

Climate Tracker Specials Asia: Fueling the Tiger Cubs

This is part of Climate Tracker’s most ambitious media research project so far, supported by the Stanley Center for Peace and Security. In these episodes, Mai Hoang talks to media researchers from Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines about how news outlets in the countries are covering coal and renewables.

EP02: Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia

Climate Tracker Specials Asia: Has COVID-19 shifted the media discourse on plastics in Southeast Asia?

The surge in plastic use in Southeast Asia is why we at Climate Tracker, in partnership with global movement Break Free from Plastic, attempted to assess media coverage of plastics in Southeast Asia before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. We looked at articles published in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines from March 2019 to February 2021. In this episode, researchers from across the region shared their findings and the long-term change they want to see in the media discourse of plastics.