Aishwaryaa Kunwar

Published: December 12, 2023

Campus journalism is a powerful vehicle for disseminating climate knowledge and inspiring action at the grassroots level. With their unique perspectives and fresh insights, young storytellers are bridging gaps in understanding climate impacts, conveying community stories and narratives that truly matter. 

At Climate Tracker Asia, we believe that their stories we tell can spark action, drive change, and inspire communities. Which is why we collaborated with the US Embassy in Manila to facilitate an immersive fellowship where emerging journalists can gain the necessary knowledge, skills, tools and support to produce meaningful and impactful climate journalism.

Hailing from diverse backgrounds and regions across the Philippines, our fellows underwent holistic training encompassing a series of online and in-person workshops on climate writing, journalism ethics, TikTok storytelling and more.

Meet our #NextGen fellows – a power-packed cohort of GenZ storytellers, greatly passionate about climate advocacy and changing the world, one story at a time!

Abby Gayle Repotente, 21

The G in Abby G stands for three essential qualities: genuine, gentle, and giddy! During her free time, Abby relishes being these things to her friends over coffee and lunch dates. 

Her passion lies in listening to the voices that often go unheard and amplifying these narratives through her stories and photographs. She is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of those around her.

AC Himaya Tupas, 20

Story. Community. Hope. A seasoned campus journalist and climate activist, AC is passionate about writing and environmental activism. She seeks to tell stories that spark action, drive change, and inspire communities. She’s eager to optimize her duty as an active agent for climate justice through the power of storytelling — for the planet and for the people. She has received awards like the Most Promising Writer and IWAG Award by Philippine Information Agency, Western Visayas.

Aidan Reuel Bernales, 21

Coming from the wonderful land of Cebu, if he were to whittle himself down to one thing, it would be a writer. Aidan writes a bunch of things—poems, stories, essays, and articles—that are out on the internet in some way, shape, or form. He has been a fellow for fiction and poetry in three national writers’ workshops and has published pieces in Rapper, Inquirer, Heights, 8Letters, and UP Writers’ Club’s Sinuman magazine. He’s also a singer with songs on all streaming platforms and the biggest Swiftie we know who isn’t going to her tour.

Al-Najran M. Abubacar, 25

“I’m The Thirsty. In service, I remain.”

With a name inspired from the dry city of Najran in Saudi Arabia, Al-Najran is a proud son of the Majestic and Historic Lake Lanao, born and raised from its Province, Lanao del Sur. As a frustrated professional journalist, his passion for storytelling and writing has resonated in his public service for his province for over five years already. It’s quite interesting to know– he quenches his thirst for journalism through storytelling on the side. Now we know why it’s Najran!

Andrea Nicole Ebdane, 20

Andrea — Scorpio sun, Cancer moon, and Aquarius rising! She’s a fourth year broadcasting student and aspiring reporter from UP Diliman.

Ann Gabrielle Domingo, 23

Ann is a freelance journalist and former magazine editor at Ateneo de Manila University’s official student publication. She is passionate about pursuing stories related to social justice, environmental issues, and culture & the arts. In her free time, she likes to read, practice yoga, and visit art galleries.

Brian Delos Santos, 24

Brian hails from Placer, Masbate. His province is called the Rodeo Capital of the Philippines. In January 2023, he was selected to join the Youth Interfaith Leaders Fellow in Climate Change by Faith For Our Planet and Duke Divinity School held at Duke University, North Carolina, USA. He’s here to bring you stories and knowledge about the changing climate. He is a 25Under25 Global Legacy Awardee by Common Purpose.

Edmar Delos Santos, 22

Edmar is a young and passionate multimedia storyteller from the Northern Philippines who pursues narratives on environmental issues, local culture, youth development, and human interest. He has contributed engaging feature stories to reputable media organizations, such as the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Rappler, and his university campus paper. He got second place at the Philippine Journalism Research Conference for his thesis on “Factors Influencing Ilokano Journalists in Reporting In-depth Climate Change Stories”.

Edmund Jr. O. Pelingon, 19

Ed, a Broadcasting Student, has got a real knack for video editing and he’s pretty handy with tech stuff, juggling a bunch of other roles that keep life interesting. “Words are my jam, and digital things really get me excited – it’s like the perfect combo of tech and writing coming together.” With a knack for unearthing the truth, navigating the tech realm, and producing content, he’s here to write, edit, and add some techie flair – all while having a blast!

Ivy Marie Mangadlao, 23

Ivy is a Caraga-based freelance journalist whose bylines primarily grace the pages of Mindanews, an online news platform in Mindanao. Her journey in professional journalism began at the age of 20, prompted by a big flood that struck her province in 2020. This event opened her eyes to the critical need for discussions about climate change. Ivy’s coverage encompasses diverse topics, including wildlife conservation, community-driven initiatives, and tourism.

She was a Finalist for Photo of the Year at the 10th Globe Media Excellence Awards and has won several awards in Tertiary Level Photo Contests by the Northern Mindanao Student Communicators Congress.

Jag Lyra Costamero, 24

A writer/reporter, a development communicator, a daughter, a sister, and a Filipino – Jag describes herself as a small girl with big dreams! She’s half Kapampangan and half Bisaya. She loves talking, writing, listening and coffee – may it be hot or iced.

She was recognized as one of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines Region 3, making me a current member of the Alumni Community of Heroes. As much as her victories and feats, I am most fond of my struggles and defeats. She’s a mental health survivor after having once experienced depression. “I am proud of my scars as they are what make me human, just like how my imperfections depict that I am alive.”

Jerson Danao, 22

Jers hails from Aparri, Cagayan and he says, “I am very awkward and stiff that is why,I always crack my bones. Crrrckk! Crrrckk!”

Jhona Reyes Vitor, 22

Jhona is a 22-year-old Filipina with over three years of experience in writing and journalism and has worked for the leading digital media company and alternative media organizations in the Philippines. When she is not trying to beat deadlines, you’ll find her reading books, volunteering for advocacy-oriented organizations, or attending cultural & educational events.

Joshua P. Mendoza, 23

Hailing from Nueva Ecija, Joshua envisions to empower and lead communities through development journalism, popularizing science and technology contents for the masses, and the utilization of digital platforms in reaching and engaging large groups of stakeholders. He has more than a decade of experience in the field of campus journalism and currently a development communication specialist.

He is the former Associate Editor of CLSU Collegian and a recipient of the University Campus Journalism Award and the College of Arts and Social Sciences Campus Journalism Award for the notable service he has given as a student journalist to his alma mater and its students advocating for studentry: equality.

He is also an alumnus of Association of Young Environmental Journalists (AYEJ) under the Sustainable and Renewable Energy Ambassadors Program. Upon years of experience, he already won several awards in the field of creative writing and campus journalism.

Marianne Izabelle T. Reyes, 21

Every step of the way, her reluctance seemingly pulled the threads back to her comfort zone. With tears of courage she regains from her drive for advocacy, she’ll seize determination on taking the stage to weave threads of interwoven change.

Mary Therese Lorenzo Catapang, 19

Pure, unfiltered hard work. Sharp eyes and a critical mindset. Driven and ambitious. Never settling for half-hearted research. Therese is a young journalist who has been writing articles and actively contributing to student publications since high school. After being exposed to the social realities on the margins, such as the climate crisis, she discovered that journalism is more than winning contests. Fueled by unwavering conviction and empathy, her writing is guided by a deep connection to the people she writes about, capturing the true and unfiltered narratives that she wants to resonate with the public.

After graduating, she plans to work in an NGO dedicated to environmental protection and climate action within the communications field. When not working and studying, Therese indulges in reading fiction books penned by Filipino, Asian, and Western authors. Among her favorite books are “Tall Story” and “Bone Talk,” both written by Candy Gourlay, a Filipino author.

Nigel Anthony U. Tan, 21

Nigel is a fourth year BS Environmental Science student minoring in Sustainability from the Ateneo de Manila University. He is interested in fields of research and topics such as remediation, conservation, pollution monitoring, water systems, sustainability, sustainable development, and environmental management. Nigel occasionally dabbles in musical theatre and loves swimming out in the open ocean! In fact, he won a Silver at the Swimjunkie Verde Island Passage Open Water Swim!

Nyrene Grace Patricia C. Paranga, 24

Nyrene is a chemistry student and campus journalist at Scientia, the official student publication of the College of Science, University of the Philippines – Diliman. She wants to be a science communicator with a focus on science and environment reporting. In her free time, she’s reading science fiction and fantasy books. She recently started reading the last book of the Wax & Wayne series, The Lost Metal.

Queenee Tisha B. Dela Cruz, 21

Hailing from Salcedo, Queenee is a climate advocate and a student journalist. She believes that we can still do a lot for our environment. “We do not need to aim for perfection, we just need to focus on our growth throughout the journey.” She won the Rappler Mover in 2020!

Rainielle Kyle M. Guison, 23

Elle is a young journalist and climate and environmental advocate who has written stories focused on agriculture and fisheries. She realized she would pursue journalism when she first wrote development-oriented stories during her undergraduate studies. Nonetheless, she equally enjoyed writing lighter stories when she was a Lifestyle and Entertainment intern for Rappler.

Rjay Z. Castor, 23

Meet Rjay from Iloilo City, a journalist, communicator and big-time coffee enthusiast! “Beyond the realm of coffee’s enchantment lies my profound fondness for the enigmatic elegance of feline companions. Although my heart resonates with the grace and mystique of these four-legged wonders, I do not own one.”

Shri Tahanie B. Macaumbao, 20

Shri Tahanie is a second year BS Psychology student at Mindanao State University- Main Campus. She is a proud Moro and Meranaw, and she wears her cultural heritage with immense pride. She is a true force of nature when it comes to climate activism, fighting for the preservation of Lake Lanao and the local environment.

A dedicated advocate for children’s rights and mental health, she is deeply committed to community work and volunteering, always seeking ways to make a tangible difference in the lives of those around her. Her passion led her to co-found two incredible organizations: Unawa PH, a youth-led environmental organization, and Green by Design, an environmental social enterprise. Together, these initiatives are paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

Siegfred Aldous D. Lacerna, 23

Siggy grew up in Quezon province and got a Journalism degree from the University of Santo Tomas. He is the former special reports editor of The Flame, the official publication of UST’s Faculty of Arts and Letters and worked as a junior contributor of’s health beat for more than a year. He’s also been a Just Transition Climate Tracker fellow!

He is currently a data researcher at S&P Global and is currently taking his Masters Degree in Communication at the De La Salle University while doing freelance journalism in his free time.

Zarena C. Hermogeno, 21

This Barbie writes stories #ForThePeople! Zarena Hermogeno is a campus journalist, science communicator, and an ambassadress for renewable energy. She is a third year Communication Arts student from the University of Manila (Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila). She works as a news correspondent for the university press, Ang Pamantasan. A graduate of Caloocan City Science High School, Zarena devotes her endeavors to relay the benefits of #ScienceForThePeople through her stories centered in environmental conservation and workers’ rights; and has worked closely with organizations such as the Association of Young Environmental Journalists (AYEJ); The Climate Reality Project – Philippines; and IMPL Project Philippines.

Their stories, passionately crafted and informed by their unique perspectives, are now making waves in both campus and national publications, amplifying the urgency of climate action. We aim to provide a platform for their voices to reverberate far beyond campus borders, fostering a generation of storytellers who are essential advocates for a sustainable future.

Watch out for their brilliant stories!