Aishwaryaa Kunwar

Published: August 2, 2023

Attention, college students, aspiring journalists and budding storytellers in the Philippines! 🇵🇭

We have an incredible opportunity to help you embark on a thrilling journey of climate journalism and make a real impact on the world!

In a world where the climate crisis knows no boundaries, the urgency to bring climate-related stories to the forefront has never been greater. From the wildfires that scorch our forests to the rising tides that engulf our coastlines, the stories of climate impact have become a collective call to action. 🌪️

As journalists, you hold the unique key to unlock these stories and bring them into the spotlight. Our #NextGenClimateBootcamp will help you do just that.

We have collaborated with the US Embassy in Manila to bring to you an exciting fellowship where you can learn how to report on one of the most pressing issues of our time – climate change.

To participate, tell us about a great climate story that you have in mind and submit your portfolio with us by 20th August 2023.

📚 Knowledge, Skills, and Support – Unleashed!

Our intensive fellowship program will equip you with all the tools you need to become a climate journalism powerhouse. Engaging discussions, interactive workshops, and practical exercises await you as we explore the fundamentals of journalism and dive deep into climate-specific reporting techniques. From understanding the science behind climate change to mastering storytelling approaches and interviewing techniques – you’ll be armed with the expertise to report with impact. 🎓💡

🚀 Build Connections, Elevate Your Voice

But that’s not all! Our fellowship goes beyond training – you’ll be part of a vibrant community of like-minded climate enthusiasts. Collaborate with fellow changemakers, discuss your story ideas, and brainstorm innovative approaches to reporting. This is your opportunity to connect with passionate individuals who share your vision for a greener, more sustainable world. 🤝🍃

🏆 Perks and Mentorship

We know your efforts deserve recognition and support. That’s why we’re offering a stipend to help you during your climate journalism journey. Plus, get personalized and group training from Climate Tracker mentors who are industry experts. That’s not all – you’ll also attend a 4-day in-person bootcamp, where you’ll dive deep into investigative skills and collaborative storytelling. 🎉🎉

🌱At Climate Tracker Asia, we believe that the stories we tell can spark action, drive change, and inspire communities. This fellowship is designed exclusively for young storytellers who are starting out in the journalism industry and keen to explore climate stories.

To be eligible for the fellowship, you should be –

  • Based in Philippines
  • Between 18-25 years of age

🔍 Curious to know more about our fellowship program?

We invite you to our August Community Hangout – a special virtual Q&A session where you’ll get all your burning questions answered! 🚀

📅 Date: August 16, 2023

⏲️ Time: 5pm GMT+8

💻 Platform: Zoom

Whether you’re wondering about the application process, the skills you’ll acquire, or polishing your portfolio, we’ve got you covered! Our team of climate experts and seasoned journalists will guide you through the details, perks, and unique opportunities that make this fellowship a game-changer for your journalism career. 🎓💡

📝 Get Ready to Unleash Your Story 🙌

Don’t miss this chance to publish with national or regional publications and have your voice heard on a larger platform. Apply now by submitting a short pitch and your portfolio – your ticket to becoming a climate storyteller extraordinaire awaits! 🚀🌱



If you’ve got any questions, please feel free to reach out to Aishwaryaa Kunwar – Asia Communications Manager (