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Published: July 20, 2023

Topic: Events | Stories

Calling all journalists and reporters in Asia! Are you ready to uncover the untold stories and be the catalyst for change? Brace yourself for an engaging webinar that will delve into the health crisis caused by fossil fuels in our region.

Intrigued? This webinar is not just an opportunity to expand your knowledge on the health consequences of climate change. It’s a platform to connect with a network of passionate individuals committed to creating a healthier, more sustainable future for Asia, gain valuable insights into generating story ideas, and empower your reportage with our fully-funded COP28 fellowship!

The burning of fossil fuels in Asia, including coal, oil, and natural gas, has led to a significant rise in air pollution levels and associated health risks. From respiratory illnesses to cardiovascular diseases, the human toll is alarming. Vulnerable populations, including children, the elderly, and those with pre-existing health conditions, bear the brunt of these impacts. It’s time to unveil this crisis and explore solutions that prioritize the well-being of our communities.

Our webinar, titled “Health Impacts of Fossil Fuels: Addressing the Human Toll of Climate Change” aims to provide journalists and reporters with in-depth insights and knowledge on this critical topic.

  • Date: Thursday, 20th July, 2023

  • Time: 6 pm GMT+8

  • Platform: Zoom

On the speaker’s panel, joining us will be experts from the field of climate change and public health who are at the forefront of the fight for a healthier and more sustainable future.

  1. Manjit Kaur “Jit” Sohal
    Regional Climate Manager, Health Care Without Harm Southeast Asia
    Jit is a development professional with over 12 years of experience, most of which are in the field of disaster and climate resilience, designing and implementing programs that have had a significant impact on communities as well as health facilities and systems in Southeast Asia. As the Regional Climate Manager at Health Care Without Harm, she currently leads the implementation of the Climate and Health program in Southeast Asia, working with health systems, health facilities, and health professionals on decarbonization and resilience-building in the sector.
  2. Sunil Dahiya
    Analyst, Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA)
    Sunil has over 11 years of experience as a strategist and research analyst on environmental issues. He led the energy and air pollution campaigns at Greenpeace India, which resulted in the development of larger civil society momentum and clean air collective (with other groups working on air pollution issues in India), ultimately making sure that India has its first-ever National Clean Air Programme (NCAP). Sunil has also been the leading expert and voice on the implementation of emission standards for coal-based power plants in India.
  3. Lea Guerrero, Greenpeace Philippines
  4. Nicha Wachpanich, COP26 Fellow – Thai Journalist
  5. Hans Nicholas Jong, COP24 Fellow – Indonesian Journalist

As journalists and reporters, you have the power to create change by shedding light on this issue and driving the urgency for action. We invite you to be part of our transformative webinar, where we will delve deep into the human toll of fossil fuels and explore solutions to address Asia’s health crisis.