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Published: August 18, 2022

Promote energy transition reporting in Southeast Asia with these Collaborative Grants on Just and Sustainable Energy Transition – partnership with Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung!

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Deadline to apply: SEP 9, 2022

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From wind energy in Visayas, to solar panels in Kelantan, and hydropower in Sumatra, have you ever imagined how far Southeast Asian nations have transitioned into a just and sustainable future? 

As more and more energy transition initiatives and projects develop in the region, how can we further promote the growth? Also, will those projects be really long-lasting? And will those projects benefit everyone? Answer these questions with us.


Selected fellows will benefit from:

  • Solid understanding of energy transition in Southeast Asia
  • Hands-on skills from reputable senior journalists and experts 
  • Grants to fund your on field reporting and publication
  • Establish your profile in the energy, renewables, environmental, and just transition
  • Network with like-minded journalists across the region


From September-November 2022, you will get training and be mentored by journalists and experts on a just transition who will help you polish your pitch, deepen your knowledge about energy transition, and improve your reporting about the topic. 

Some story examples to inspire you: 

  • Asian Development Bank’s Energy Transition Mechanism in the Philippines
  • Just transition measures to support ex-workers in fossil fuel industries in Indonesia 
  • Challenges in transitioning to renewable energy in Malaysia

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10 teams of journalists. You must apply as a team with another journalist from your country. She/he can be from the same or different media outlet.

We encourage that either you or your teammate be a journalist that:

  • living and working outside KL, Jakarta, and Manila, or
  • from a minority identity or language group, or
  • under 25 years of age


You will need to submit a short story pitch of what you will produce during the programme with the grants. Your pitch needs to include: 

  • Working title
  • Story summary (max 200 words)
  • Story format and length – what type of story you will make, how long do you think the story will be? 
  • Links to stories you’ve published before
  • A link to your CV

Is English required?

Intermediate understanding of English will be helpful as training will be conducted in English, as well as communication with other fellows. But fellows will produce and report stories in their own language of respective publication/outlet. 

Applying is super simple! But you’ve got to do it early.

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