Intan Suci Nurhati, Ph.D.

  • Expertise: Climate Change, Oceanography





  • Bio

  • Intan Suci Nurhati, Ph.D. holds a doctoral degree in Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, with Certificate in Environmental Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA (2010). Previously, she got her Bachelor of Arts in 2005, double-majored in Economics, and Earth and Environmental Science (Honors) at Wesleyan University, USA.
  • Intan Suci Nurhati, Ph.D. was born in Jakarta, 20 September, 1982.
  • Affiliations

  • Senior Researcher, National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) & Planning and Program Coordinator, Earth Sciences Research Organization – National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN)
  • Director of Communication, Indonesian Academy of Young Science (ALMI) – (2020 – now)
  • Head of Technical Team for the Construction of the Coastal Ecosystems Data Center Building and PIC for COREMAP Infrastructure – Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)/National Research and Innovation Agency BRIN – (2020 – now)
  • Lead Program Coordinator, Deputy of Earth Sciences – Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) – (2020 – 2021)
  • Head of Research Infrastructure (Echelon III), Research Center for Oceanography – Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) – (2020)
  • Accolades

  • Satyalancana Wira Karya 2021. Government of Indonesia
  • Fellow 2020 – present. Indonesian Academy of Young Sciences (ALMI)
  • 74 Ikon Prestasi Pancasila 2019. Government of Indonesia
  • National Geographic Explorer 2018, 2019. National Geographic Society

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