MyHutan is a youth movement powered by Undi18 focusing on mobilising sustainable financing for forest conservation in Malaysia. We push for policies like Ecological Fiscal Transfer (EFT) to better help conserve Malaysia’s biodiversity through a mutual partnership between the Federal Government and State Governments. We build literacy and engagement on matters related to forest and biodiversity for Malaysian youths. We also aim to sharpen political networking in Malaysia’s landscape of environmental governance.


“MyHutan wishes that the federal government and state government have mutual participation and partnership in reaching Malaysia’s ambitious goal to protect biodiversity. This cooperation would ideally be translated into implementation of policies or instruments like Ecological Fiscal Transfer (EFT) or Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) that help protect forests and manage Protected Areas (PA) in the country.”

“The current legislations that govern biodiversity such as the Wildlife Conservation Act 2010 is not strong enough to protect our fauna but MyHutan is delighted to hear the amendments have been tabled at Parliament recently. We also understand that land and natural resources are under the state’s jurisdiction and we would like to see more collaborative efforts in retaining Malaysia’s forest cover. These collaborations must involve meaningful stakeholder engagement, policies and legislations driven by science and enforcement that is stricter. The federal government and state government must work together through supporting and mobilising policies like EFT. “