Dr. Mahawan Karuniasa


Climate Change, Sustainable Development, Sustainability, Systems Thinking




Dr. Mahawan Karuniasa holds a doctoral degree in Environmental Science from Universitas Indonesia (UI), where he is currently a lecturer. Born in Purworejo, 10 October 1966, Dr. Mahawan Karuniasa has authored numerous books, scientific journals, and policy briefs on Environmental Science, Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Systems Thinking.


Lecturer in the School of Environmental Science, University of Indonesia (UI) & Founder and Director of Environment Institute (Enviro)

Member of Paris Committee on Capacity Building UNFCCC

Indonesian Delegation for COPs UNFCCC

Experts in the field of Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Systems Thinking, and SEA at the government institutions, national and international organization including Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Tourism, National Development Plan Body, UNITAR, UNDP, USAID, JICA, GIZ, WRI, GGGI, Conservation International, etc.