Climate v. environmental storytelling

Imelda Abano

In this video, we will talk about environmental journalism and climate change reporting, as well as their differences, similarities, and importance.

Energy landscape: Indonesia

Kharishar Kahfi

Reporting energy issues in Indonesia means getting your hand dirty because of the country’s complicated love affair with coal. Can they shift to build more healthy relationship with renewable sources and to contribute in saving the planet from climate crisis? This guide will help you understand the basic of Indonesia’s energy landscape and find underreported-yet-important energy stories from the world’s largest archipelago.

Energy landscape: Malaysia

Tan Su Lin

In this video, Su Lin breaks down how to effectively report about energy by providing a good starting point for writers, content producers, and journalists interested in covering energy in Malaysia. Learn more about the state of the energy sector in the country, significant turning points, pressing problems, and major actors.

Energy landscape: Philippines

Ramon Royandoyan

In this video, Ramon attempts to deconstruct why renewable energy needs to be cheap in the Philippines. If realized, this would hasten the country’s transition to renewables.

Energy reporting in audiovisual media

Dhana Kencana

This video will provide a simple guide for journalists who’d like to cover energy issues in the form of visual storytelling, including how to make your stories more impactful by reacing a wider audience.

Just energy transition in energy reporting

Della Syahni

A “just transition” approach ensures that the affected people are considered by those making decisions. In terms of energy, how to cover it? This video will help you widen your horizon in energy reporting by paying close attention to the most vulnerable groups and focus more on root causes of any disasters.

Data Storytelling

Made Anthony Iswara

The video explains why data is important for journalism — and how to make the most of data storytelling in your next energy reporting. It details the steps that data journalists usually go through, with several helpful advice so that you can kickstart your data journalism adventure today!

Human interest narrative in energy reporting

Ashley Yeong

Human narratives are what makes a story relatable, emotionally engaging, and impactful enough to drive positive change. This video provides a quick guide on how to add a human narrative to your reporting to make it much more interesting.