Climate Tracker Asia Team

Published: May 31, 2024

Topic: Our Work

Climate Tracker Asia congratulates our Content Creators Hub alumna, Celine Murillo for being recognized as one of TikTok’s Change Makers!

Celine, your remarkable storytelling and dedication to highlighting the beauty of Philippine biodiversity and advocating for climate action have truly made a significant impact.

Celine’s journey with Climate Tracker Asia began in 2022 when she was selected as a fellow for our first Content Creators Hub. During her fellowship, she demonstrated unwavering commitment and passion, gaining invaluable insights into creating content with meaningful impact. Celine skillfully integrated TV writing and visual arts principles into her content, learning alongside talented and passionate Filipinos dedicated to environmental advocacy.

Because of this fellowship, Celine created three multimedia stories—two solo and one collaborative—about the interconnectedness of the climate crisis with indigenous agroecology, biodiversity, and food heritage. This body of work contributed to mainstreaming the climate discourse, emphasizing that the climate crisis affects all aspects of our lives. We are immensely proud of her accomplishments.

In early June 2023, Climate Tracker Asia gave Celine the opportunity to share her experience and learnings with campus journalists from Eastern Visayas.

Celine’s journey with us didn’t end there. In August, she was offered the role of Fellowship Coordinator, where she helped nurture a new batch of climate storytellers and creative activists. Together, we launched the #NextGen Climate Bootcamp, training twenty-four young aspiring climate journalists and we began Cycle 2 of the Content Creators Hub, expanding our reach to include fellows from Indonesia and Malaysia.

Although it was hard to let her go, seeing her thrive in this field fills us with pride and joy.

Celine’s journey is a testament to the incredible potential within our fellows and the transformative impact of our programs.

Keep shining, Celine, and continue to inspire the world to care for and protect our planet. 🌍✨