Rio Tuasikal

Published: September 14, 2022

In Climate Tracker, we believe that young communicators play a vital part in conversations about climate change and its impacts. Young climate advocates show extraordinary strength and leadership, and have the power to pressure society into action. 

While many of them have the energy and the presence on social media, they lack the skills and the support of experienced climate storytellers who could help them add depth to their stories. 

That’s why Climate Tracker partnered with Oxfam Pilipinas to support young communicators from Eastern Samar, Philippines create powerful climate stories from their communities. 

Meet our fellows who will be sharing their stories linked to climate change and conservation of protected areas. 

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Ronan Renz Napoto, 24 


Ronan is a climate advocate and a development-oriented engineer. He works closely with communities and organizations in building resilience through science-based and data-driven interventions. 

In 2020, Ronan was awarded as one of the Youth Envi Icons by the environment department’s Environmental Management Bureau.

Ronan once thought of becoming a theater actor, but realized that more actors are needed in communities and in the climate movement. As he takes inspiration from narratives of communities, he also draws strength from the beautiful waters of Eastern Samar. 

“As survivors of the strongest super typhoon ever recorded in human history and now climate advocates and activists, we are here with the climate movement to empower the rural and poor communities through amplifying their stories, creating platforms where they can speak up, providing data-based and scientifically-driven solutions to help alleviate our shared struggles, and just be with one another in times of uncertainty and despair brought by the climate crisis.”


Shane Carmacete, 21


Shane is a social worker in-transit and climate activist who wants to inspire, assist, and inform people. 

Like most of the children, she spent a huge chunk of her younger years watching television. She also likes acting. 

“As a young person, I play a crucial part in the fight against climate change by speaking out against the catastrophe and being involved in the fight. As long as you know what you’re fighting for, it doesn’t matter how small your voice is. So speak up and stand up. You will be heard.”


Sudao Green Minds

Queenee Tisha Dela Cruz, 20 


Queenee is an environmental advocate and the president of Sudao Green Minds, an environmental organization based in Salcedo, Eastern Samar. 

She is also a campus journalist. In 2021, she was a Rappler Mover. 

“As a survivor of Super Typhoon Haiyan and a local from a place that’s frequently hit by strong typhoons, I appreciate the importance of communication and the impact of language to the community… Writing stories using our local languages will be the most effective tool in taking part in the climate movement.”


Dianuz Emstien Discar, 20


Dianuz is a climate advocate who wants a safe future for the next generation and his cats. 

He believes that advocates like him are “enablers” for those who want to protect the Earth but can’t find the motivation or people to share their advocacies. 

“Climate journalism creates a community that is aware of the pressing issues of the environment which results in a positive effect on the behavior and attitude of people in support of the environment.”


Aprille Anne Yodico, 22


Aprille is a certified bookworm who would choose a good book over a good party. She loves music, art, writing and gardening. 

Aprille is a firm believer in the saying “there’s no ‘we’ in fries.”

“Spreading awareness about climate change is the best weapon against it because if more people are aware of its effects and risks, more people will realize how precarious our situation is and start taking climate change seriously. They will start to see the importance of climate actions in a better and clearer perspective.”


Lanang Youth Eco Scouts

Adrias Aspa, 24


Adrian is a mathematics major and an educator. A frontline eco warrior, he wants to inspire, especially the youth, and let them take action on climate issues. 

“The changes in climate not only affect the environment but also how people live. Climate change has a huge impact on farming sectors.”


Gerry Campo, 30


Gerry has been a teacher for over a decade. His roles in the climate movement include educating the youth and implementing programs to combat climate change.

“Nowadays, journalism has an important role in several countries in imparting [knowledge] and educating people about climate change.”