Rio Tuasikal

Published: August 12, 2022

Deadline to apply: 12 SEPTEMBER 2022

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Are you a storyteller based in Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, or Manila?

Are you passionate about the environment and climate issues?

Do you want to enhance your multimedia production skills? 

Then this exciting opportunity is for you!



The Philippines is facing more and more effects of climate change, from extreme rainfall, natural disasters, to the rising sea level.  But stories and ideas about these are not commonly found in our daily conversation. 

That’s why Climate Tracker teamed up with Oxfam International to launch the Digital Content Creators Hub for storytellers across the Philippines! The hub will facilitate multimedia training for storytellers like you to produce more engaging content on the environment and climate change. 


This hub has a lot in store! Our fellows will benefit from:

  • Holistic multimedia training to enhance your content production
  • Creative storytelling skills to better engage your audience
  • Fun way to understand the environmental topics
  • A network of creative like-minded creators in the Philippines 
  • Turn your ideas into reality with help of mentors and professionals
  • Be featured on Climate Tracker social media and the programme microsite
  • Establish your profile in the environmental and climate stories


During the course of the fellowship, 15 fellows will undergo a fun online training focused on developing skills in climate communications and multimedia production to help them produce their individual stories Top 8 fellows will then be selected for a three-day bootcamp in Manila  for a more in-depth and individualized training from expert mentors.


For us, it’s really important for you to be truly committed to the process but also we want you to have fun learning, publishing, and building your network! 

Additionally, here are some of the expectations: 

  • Committed in doing a fieldwork to produce your content
  • Collaborative production with another fellow
  • Dedication to our training and mentoring sessions 
  • Feedback blogs and testimonials on your experiences with the fellowship, at the end

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15 storytellers from various backgrounds. You can be an early-career journalist, or you can be an artist, cartoonist, illustrator, photographer, videographer, filmmaker, writer, or content creator.

If you are 18-35 years old, have an early career as a journalist or have a solid portfolio as a storyteller, content creator, or artist,and have an interest in making content about the environment, please apply today!



You will need to submit a short story pitch of what you will produce during the programme.  Your pitch needs to include: 

  • Working title
  • Story summary (max 200 words)
  • Content format and length – what type of content you will make, how long do you think the story will be? 
  • Links to stories/contents you’ve published before
  • A link to your CV

During the selection process, you will also be required to submit new digital content about the environment or climate change you have made and published in your own channels.

The final selections will be based on:

  1. The value and interest of your submissions
  2. Your interest and potential to learn and collaborate throughout the fellowship initiative.
  3. The uniqueness of your approach
  4. Your experience as a journalist, storyteller, content creator, or artist

Applying is super simple! But you’ve got to do it early.

Deadline to apply: 12 SEPTEMBER 2022

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