Agnes Saycon

Published: January 2, 2023

Goal Surpassed!

This is how I would describe our 2022 in the financial perspective. Last year, we set goals that we would  offer more international fellowships across Africa and Asia and guess what, we did it.

The year 2022 for Climate Tracker from a financial perspective was a mixture of excitement with new challenges and surprisingly ending the year with more projects.

Excitement came from the fact that we were able to secure funding that led us to start and do major projects in the Caribbean not just for a year but for a two year period.

Aside from that we were able to continue the program in Latin America from 2021 and we have also bagged a Digital Platform funding. This does not come easy as the countries where the fellows were from are not the easiest to send money to but we were able to find ways. Asia had its own share of challenges as we were able to close 8 projects for 2022 in the 3rd quarter of the year.

2022 has been very successful in terms of funding because we were able partner with the following foundations:

  1. Open Society Foundation
  2. European Climate Foundation
  3. Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung
  4. Oxfam International
  5. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung – International
  6. The African Development Bank
  7. Earth Journalism Network
  8. Global Strategic Communications Council
  9. Breakfree from Plastics
  10. Center for Energy and Ecology
  11. International Organization for Migration
  12. 50by40

Here are our financing breakdown:

The biggest funding we receive in 2022 is for the Caribbean for a two year collaboration with The OSF Foundation. This is followed by Asia, Latin America and Africa and Mena regions.

Regional Funding Breakdown

Project Types 2022

A total of 251 fellows were mentored, supported and trained in our multiple project funded programs this year. We were able to send 11 in person fellows to the COP27 together with 3 of our staff, one of our biggest groups to cover the event since the pandemic.

Our top 3 projects for 2022 are Solutions Reporting Fellowships, Thematic Fellowships and Digital Platform.

Fellowship Count for 2022

Climate Tracker supported 251 journalism fellows. We had thousands of applications for our different projects and hundreds of journalists engaged in our online webinars and downloaded our training materials.

These journalism fellows were located in more than 40 countries across the globe.

We have always been committed to Gender and Racial diversity and so we have been consciously tracing our gender balance in our staff team and even in our international fellowships. Below is our representation of how we were able to stay committed to that cause.

Climate Tracker’s 2022 core staff members are composed of 67% women and 33% men. It is good to note that 92% of our staff are from global south with 8% coming from global north.

We continue to practice having no gender-pay difference and everyone across the team is able to enjoy the same rates, regardless of of gender, geography and position.

This year, we were able to do a good amount of fellowships in the first and second quarter at  the Caribbeans and Latin America but close to year ending, a lot of projects came in for Asia. Here are our fellowships sent to the countries:

While we were able to reach more countries in Latin America and open new opportunities in Caribbean countries, we were still able to reach countries in Asia and in Africa.

2023 will be exciting for a lot of journalists in the Caribbean, Asia, Latin America and Global regions as we already have secured funding. We will aim to do more work in Africa and Mena regions.